When an automaker says they're interested in self driving cars, it makes sense. When grocery stores and ride sharing services express interest in the idea, we can understand why. But what about Swedish furnature stores?

That's right, Ikea is looking to get into autonomous vehicles. The brand has been gradually expanding into the tech industry over time, having introduces augmented reality apps, smart appliences and more. Now their tech firm Space10 has announced plans for self driving, zero emission delivery vehicles.

Space10 has recenylu revealed a set of seven concept vehicles they believe might beocme common with the rise of autonomy. The designs were developed in collaboration with design studio Foam. Each design focuses on a concept of daily living.
  • Moving Office
  • Coffee Shop
  • Healthcare Vehicle
  • Farm/Grocery
  • AR Joyride
  • Hotel
  • Ikea Store
Each vehicle will be stocked with Ikea brand furniture, of course. So they all retain that minimalistic style the company is known for.

The idea of vehicles looking differently as autonomy rises is nothing new. Kroger has suggested side-loading storage karts with no seats to deliver maximum grocery space while Mercedes-Benz proposed the "most efficient" vehicle. Though none of them went as far as a portable farm.

There's a fair chance this will never see the light of day. But it interests us, all the same. You can read more about it, and see concept images of the other designs, on the Space10 post about it.