Robots. First, they came for our factory jobs, now they're here for out professional racers. Roborace and driver Ryan Tuerck have teamed up in Rome to see who is faster on the track, Tuerck or an autonomous vehicle.

Roborace has been around for two years now, when they unveiled their self-driving race car in 2016. This year, the company pits their DevBot self-driving race car against a human professional on a Formula E circuit.

The challenge starts with Tuerck behind the wheel of the Roboracer, a fully electric vehicle. He has a lifetime of experience around a track and is a Formula D champion. Such skills no-doubt came in handy when dealing with the immense amount of acceleration present in the DevBot's electric powertrain.

Devbot uses various machine vision cameras set up on the vehicle, thus allowing it to navigate the sectioned-off streets of Rome.

Both "drivers" operated the same vehicle, which doesn't have established specs. The Roborace company has been vague about what the vehicle is capable of. What we do know is that its a fully electric powertrain with 550 hp and speeds as high as 190mph.

The important question: Who won? You'll have to watch the video of the event to know for yourself. Don't worry about being bored, it's surprisingly well produced.