This is the future, we have self-driving cars, flying cars (almost), and everything is electric. It's high time we start acting like it. Volkswagen gets it. They want to see the future. That's why the Golf GTI Aurora concept has a holographic infotainment screen.

Revealed at the W├Ârthersee Tour in Austria, the GTI Aurora comes with a hologram projector in the hatch area instead of the standard digital screen. Connected to a 3,000-watt stereo system, it creates artificial volume knobs, music controls, album art, and more. The interactive units float in the air. When the user pushes the incorporeal buttons, they work as expected.

Unfortunately, we don't actually know how it works. VW patented the process and they intend to keep it a closely guarded secret. They claim that the system feels very natural, even to those that don't usually interact with sci-fi magic.

Don't expect to see this hit production units just yet. The technology is terribly expensive and fitting into the center hatch was a challenge. Volkswagen has a goal of making it production ready in the next 10 years.

That's a shame, really. I'd LOVE some star trek level stuff in my car.