Ride haling services are popular and self-driving cars are popular. That's why Waymo, Uber, and even Kroger are even getting in on the ideas. Now the Volkswagen Group has announced their own plans for a self-driving taxi service.

The auto giant is joining Intel for their Mobileye self-driving car business. Through their combined efforts, plus that of BMW Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, they're expected to reach full commercialization by 2022.

VW's part? They'll supply a fleet of electric vehicles. Mobileye will then fit the vehicles with level 4 self-driving capabilities. The vehicles will then be managed and operated by Champion Motors. The program will begin in Israel as early as 2019, the country where Mobileye's headquarters are established. It will start with a few dozens, to multiple hundreds, should the program be a success.

Level 4 driving technology means that the vehicle can operate on its own in select conditions. This usually involved remaining within geo-fenced (digitally mapped) areas as well as time or weather limitations. This is on a 1 - 5 scale, with level 5 technologies capable of driving in the same conditions as humans.

Those stateside not wanting to wait, and also travel to Isreal, will have a chance to try out a self-driving car service later this year. Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo had previously promised to introduce their own commercial service by the end of 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.