It certainly seems like Volkswagen can't get a grip on Diesel. After spending $30 billion as a result of an emissions scandal, the company CEO Matthias Mueller spoke out about the upcoming “renaissance” of the fuel type.

“Diesel will see a renaissance in the not-too-distant future because people who drove diesels will realize that it was a very comfortable drive concept. Once the knowledge that diesels are eco-friendly firms up in people’s minds, then for me there’s no reason not to buy one.”

This somewhat contradicts a statement he made 3 months ago, saying that government subsidies for diesel fuel should be reconsidered in favor of the recent electrification of vehicles. And even further from this perception lies other automakers like Porsche, for example. Who believe that diesel is a dying market, and has diverted all attention away from it.

Volkswagen has been making a big push towards fully electric vehicles, introducing a new electric hatch based on the I.D. concept in 2019, followed by an electric crossover, an electric reincarnation of the Microbus, and an electric sedan. But like any new technology, its growing. Diesel engines can still offer more than an electric motor can, at least in terms of range. This is a problem Tesla has been acting towards resolving, with their Electric Semi.

Is Volkswagen on to something overlooked? Or is Mueller holding too tightly onto an outdated system? Let us know what you think.