Wonderful things happen when vintage vehicles are used as inspiration for a modern product. A perfect example of this has been produced by Vintage Electric. Introducing the Shelby Throttle Bike.

The bike was built as a tribute to Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra, while still paying a design homage to the speedy design of all Shelby vehicles. Vintage Electric founder and lead designer Andrew Davidge spoke about his inspirations for the bike with Motor Authority.

"To channel Carroll Shelby's spirit of design, you have to be in the presence of the phenomenal vehicles that he created. Walking around these celebrated Shelby cars, touching them, driving them, and seeing every last detail that Carroll poured into them is truly where our inspiration came from in making the new Shelby bike."

The paint scheme, a blue and black combo, can be directly tied to the colors of vintage racers, while the saddle and handle grips are based on the 289 Cobra.

The bike isn't just for show, either. The wheels are assisted by a 1.123-kwh battery cell and motor. Depending on the rider's weight, this is strong enough to drive for 40 to 75 miles on electricity alone. Alternatively, the operator could set it to "race mode," which raises the max speed to 36 mph at the cost of power efficiency.

Even without the prestige, it's a pretty nice electric bicycle. But there is that prestige, so if you want one of your own, you'll have to drop a fair-sized stack of dollar bills. Vintage Electric is selling production models for $7,249. You better be quick, though. The company only intends to produce 300 examples of the bike.

For more information, visit the Vintage Electric official website.