Most people know the name "Usain Bolt" for the Olympic runner that stole the spotlight in 2017. But he's been busy with even faster ventures since. Bolt has his own electric mobility company. And today, they unveiled their first electric vehicle prototype the Bolt Nano.

Bolt and his associated company unveiled two products on Thursday in Paris. The first was an electric mini car called the Bolt Nano, or B-Nano for short. The other was an electric scooter sharing service similar to what you see in more populated cities in the United States.

The B-Nano is tiny, really tiny. It can fit two people, driver and passenger. And up to four Nanos could fit in a standard parking space. They also revealed that the Nano will have a swappable battery to ensure fast charges. Otherwise, not much else has been revealed about the Nano or it's specs.

The Nano will hit the roads in 2020 at the earliest. It will be part of the Bolt car sharing network (like lyft or uber), but they are also open to having private owners purchase their own models. Reservations for the model require a $999 deposit, while the final price will be announced later on. Given the size, we can't imagine it's very much.

It's interesting, but is it worthwhile?