Racing cars is so outdated. Real professionals drive far more obscure vehicles. Take Kevin Nicks for example, who broke the record for the fastest tool shed on land.

The UK man has modified his wooden shed to achieve an impressive 96.8 mph on land.

Of course, this is more than an engine in the floor of a small building. The entire structure is built on a 1999 Volkswagen Passat chassis with the engine upgraded to a 4.2-liter V-8 originally from an Audi RS4. The engine was also given a Stage 2 tuning from MRC, boosting total power to a whopping 450 hp.

To test his cursed creation, Nicks brought his shed-car to the Santa Pod Raceway. Here he ran the structure down the quarter-mile drag strip. In his first try, he managed to complete the distance in 15.49 seconds, achieving as high as 86 mph. But after noticing an unfavorable headwind, Nicks tried once more in calmer winds. That time they managed the track in only 14.6 seconds at the aforementioned 96.8 mph.

Our hats come off to you, Kevin Nicks. Your shed has moved faster than any shed I've seen before and it would make a fantastic role model to little shed children around the world.