While automakers are busy trying to figure out flying cars, Uber is playing it safe with a classic form of transportation: helicopters. Uber Copter has gone live in New York.

According to a first-hand account by CNET's Tim Stevens, Uber has launched their first airborne transit service in New York City to the masses. While the service was available to a select list of customers earlier this summer, this marks the opening of the service to the general public.

Booking for the Uber Copter is done through the standard Uber smartphone app. The option appears next to the Uber, UberX, and Uber Black options for those in the area. From there, the user can select a variety of starting locations and resulting destinations. They will be driven to either Manhattan airport or the JFK airport, where the chopper will transport them.

The service is by no means cheap. The cost of going from the Bowery Ballroom to the TWA Hotel ended up costing $199.82. This cost isn't exclusively the helicopter, however. It also provided an UberX to bring the user (Stevens, in this case) from their location to the Copter, and another UberX to bring them from the landing point at JFK to the hotel. These additional cars were organized and prepared seamlessly into the single app interaction.

There were a few flaws with the service, however. The biggest one, besides the cost, is the limitations to fly. Passengers are limited to one small personal item and one TSA regulation carry-on bag. And for some reason, the Uber Copter is only available to iOS users at this time. Uber states that this will be changed soon, but could not provide a date.

As interesting as this is, it sounds like an unnecessary alternative for the wealthy and terribly impatient traveler. Sure a regular Uber would take longer, but it'd be a lot more affordable.