Uber has had a strange history with self-driving technology. But that hasn't kept them down. Toyota, SoftBank, and Denso have given a $1 billion injection to the ride-hailing company to support the autonomous branch.

Automaker Toyota and auto supplier Denso will be investing around $667 million, while investment firm SoftBank will cover the remaining $333 million. It's all going toward Uber Advanced Technologies Group, the branch handling the self-driving technology.

Rajeev Misra, CEO of SoftBank's Vision Fund, expressed faith in the company in a statement.

“The team at Uber ATG has made significant progress developing highly robust automated ride-sharing technology. With a comprehensive platform of hardware and software, the largest global ride-sharing network and Toyota’s partnership, this collaboration is well-positioned to deploy automated ride-sharing services at scale.”

Uber hasn't exactly been in the good light, however. They caused a controversy last year when a self-driving Uber ride struck and killed a woman crossing the street. The disabled failsafes and lack of public safety features led to the company being under investigation by the Department of Justice.

But they're still going strong. Let's hope they're more careful this time, at least.