Concept cars have a history of being more sci-fi than viable. This is a fact that Toyota has not only shown true but taken to the limit with the recently unveiled Toyota E-Racer.

The automaker showed off a variety of models, ideas, and concepts at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. This ranged from flying brooms to Mirai concepts. But one of their more fictitious examples has our attention: The Toyota E-Racer.

This vehicle, designed for high speeds and recreational use, puts an extreme focus on user customization. In the example video, the driver selects both a seat design and a racing outfit from their bathroom mirror, which are produced on the fly in the other room. Once on the road, they could select from a variety of alternate realities displayed through special glasses.

Everything about this video is ridiculous by normal standards. A system to scan a person's body and "print" a racing suit would require far too many complexities to do while they brush their teeth. It'd likely feel very strange, anyway. The idea of distorting the driver's vision through VR, while cool, would likely be terrifying in real life, especially if there are any glitches.

But like we said, concept cars have a history of being more sci-fi than viable.