Well, it looks like a couple of teenagers decided to take a joy ride. Unlike Ferris Bueller, they didn't steal one of their father's cars. They decided to steal two LAPD police cruisers and impersonated police officers. They were enrolled in the LAPD cadet program, which is used to bring together youth and officers to create bonds and develop life skills. The three teenagers managed to check out the vehicles by using the name of their sergeant, who was on vacation at the time.

It was also reported that the kids stole two bulletproof vests, two stun guns, and two police radios. They ended up getting into a chase with LAPD, which I'm sure looked hilarious to pedestrians, and ended up crashing the cars. One of the kids was so well regarded in the program, his pictures were used to promote the cadet program. The promotions were quickly taken down and removed.

I don't know how this happened, and neither does the LAPD. They're currently looking into all the details to make sure it never happens again. This actually sounds like a pretty cool program, and it sucks that three little idiots had to ruin it for everybody else. I guess that's just how life is though. If you make a monkey the President, you better be ready to eat bananas.