When most people think of Suzuki, they think of sleek and interesting motorcycles. But their most recent concept car couldn't be further from that idea. Introducing the Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room Mini Van.

The Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room was shown off as a concept car during the most recent Tokyo Motor Show. Conceived in partnership with baby product company Combi Corp, the EGEBR is a large utility vehicle with one specific goal in mind: helping nursing mothers. The cargo bed is stocked full of diaper supplies, has two baby changing stations (with rolling paper covers), a wipe warmer, and even a privacy curtain for breastfeeding.

The vehicle essentially contains everything a mother would need to tend to a baby.

It's no secret that the automotive world is a very male-dominated one. It's great to see a vehicle that caters to women with children instead. Though we're sure the minivan would work just as well for fathers. Our only concern lies with the longevity of the vehicle. Babies don't stay young forever. We can't imagine investing in a vehicle dedicated to a relatively small part of a person's life.

But it's also a concept and will most likely never reach public production.