There are few SUVs in the world quite like the Ford Excursion. It's big, buff, and hasn't been in production since 2005. But Custom Autos by Tim continues to support the model, going as far as to expand it into a six-door vehicle.

The Oklahoma-based mod shop ran by Tim Huskey recently gained the attention of The Detroit News for their line of "new" Ford Excursion models. Anyone with their own Excursion can bring it in to the shop for modifications. While some are sleeker and stronger, the one that has everyone's attention is the six-door example.

Costing anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000, each modification takes about two months to build, with a two-month waiting list at the moment. The shop is currently churning through about 40 models each year and Huskey claims to have enough business to last him around five years.

The modifications primarily use a combination of Excursion and F-Series Super Duty parts. The biggest example is with the six-door option, which uses the Super Duty chassis for extra space. Huskey is limited to some older models to draw from, unfortunately. New Ford trucks use an aluminum body that isn't compatible with his modifications.

The Ford Excursion is an uncommon vehicle. It's good to see that people still love it enough to have this work done.