The Porsche Taycan electric sport sedan is a lovely vehicle in its own right. But everyone has their own collection of tastes and interests. One example is Targa tops. The uncommon roof option is making its way to the Taycan.

That's right, a Taycan Targa is planned, with a launch window of 2020 to 2021. The vehicle variant will a large glass roof, which when activated, will slide back into a rear storage area.

This is one of many Taycan variations expected for production. Next year we'll be seeing a Taycan sedan, with a soft-roader option (which premiered at the 2018 Geneva auto show) following not long after. The only option we haven't heard anything about so far is a coupe. The shortened wheelbase needed for the two-door vehicle would likely take away from potential battery size, so we can understand why that might be skipped over.

Announced Monday, Porsche intends to invest nearly $7 billion into their electric car program. So far, this has gone towards Taycan production, as well as the construction of a dedicated production site for electrics at the automaker's main plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

It can be presumed that part of the funds has gone toward the development of new charging capabilities. Porsche is looking to dramatically decrease charge times using an 800-volt electrical system. This would yield an approximately full charge in only 12 minutes.