My favorite thing about the Geneva Motor Show is all of the overly futuristic vehicles that are unveiled. This time is the electrified Pininfarina Hybrid Kinetic (HK) GT.

Blue glowing lights. Gullwing doors. Giant touchscreen. Check, check, and check. The electrified Pininfarina Hybrid Kinetic (HK) GT revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is the futuristic grand touring followup to last year’s H600 hybrid sedan concept.

Gullwing doors and an illuminated grille leave us in awe. The aluminum frame holds the sleek spoiler lip and squared back window.

“The HK GT is a car with a dual personality—race and Gran Turismo—and it is precisely to underline this double soul of the car that the interior offers two different modes of experience: “race”, for moments of solitary and hedonistic sports driving, and “cruise” for great routes to be shared with the family,”

Whan Race mode is active, the cabin lights switch to a red color, while Cruise is blue.

The electric vehicle features four electric motors. Combined they push a total 1,073 hp. It boasts a 0-62 mph time of 2.7 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph.

When fully electric, it's range is limited to under 100 miles. The range can be extended to 600 miles with the assistance of either a micro turbine generator, hydrogen fuel cell system, or your standard internal combustion engine.

The odds of seeing this vehicle stateside is pretty low, unfortunately. It was developed with the East in mind.