As popular as crossovers remain to be in the United States, trucks remain one of the highest selling vehicle types in the country. A successful truck model can be an important source of profit of an automaker. That's why it's extra painful to hear that a 15-year-old Nissan is outselling the latest Ford Ranger.

With the first fiscal quarter of the year has come to an end, all of the automakers have been publishing their quarterly sales. MotorTrend happened to notice two particular numbers that, when compared to each other, shows an unfortunate truth. Nissan sold 20,221 Second generation Frontiers, compared to the 9,421 current gen Ford Rangers sold. One is about 15 years old, the other was given a new generation earlier this year.

The Ford Ranger is still a respectable vehicle. outselling the GMC Canyon and Honda Ridgeline (6,955 and 6,952 sales, respectively). But that is a rough take to have. It just shows how desirable the Nissan Frontier continues to be, I suppose.