The C8 Corvette is a beautiful vehicle in its own right. The hum of the LT2 V-8 engine is music to our ears. Or it would be if it didn't come with Bose's most powerful vehicle speaker system yet.

The latest speaker system offered in the Corvette features a 10-speaker surround sound system, with an optional 14-speaker upgrade. Using a combination of drivers, tweeters, speakers, and subwoofers, ranging from 1 to 10 inches in size, the vehicle delivers some of the crispest sound ever heard in a coupe. With cleverly place metal covers, they're all hidden out of sight to ensure that visual aesthetics are not lost for the sake of sound.

It's more than hardware, as well. Bose is looking at new noise compression systems that work alongside the noise of such a powerful vehicle, its removable hardtop, and the high rate of acceleration. With 16 preset circumstances, there's a setting to best blast sound no matter what's happening.

It's impressive looking, that's for sure. Just don't ask us the price.