Every Sedan has its day. And for the Cadillac XTS, that day is coming to a close. The automaker confirmed plans to end production of the model line this October.

Cadillac announced the plan in a union bulletin published earlier this week. The full bulletin states that production of the XTS and Impala will end at their Oshawa plant this October, while Silverado and Sierra production will end on December 31. With Oshawa being the only production location of the XTS, this means the end of the model line. While the Impala is also produced at GM's Detroit plant, the location is set to be idled until 2020.

To compensate for the gap in the lineup, Cadillac is bringing in a small CT4 and a mid-sized CT5 for the 2020 model year.

The Oshawa plant will still operate, just not for model production. Instead, they will build components. Part of the property will also be made into a test site for self-driving cars. There will still be a massive layoff with the plant, however. Our sympathies go out to those that this will affect.