Elon Musk's underground venture, The Boring Company, has been busy figuring out how best to develop a large, underground tunnel for high-speed transportation. Now we learn that they want to connect your private garage to the tunnels.

According to a report by The Mercury News, The Boring Company was recently given permission by Hawthorne, California to build underground garage elevators. The company will purchase a local house, build a garage elevator into it, connect it to the tunnels, and repeat. It's unclear as to how the vehicle will be transported, exactly.


Previous statements by Musk have claimed that the tunnel system will prioritize pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles. Originally, the project was supposed to transport cars via the tunnel, reducing surface side traffic. The plan was later shifted to non-drivers as a new form of transport.

"If someone can’t afford a car, they should go first."

I can't imagine how much more expensive a home with a tunnel transport would cost.