Tesla continues to innovate with its product line. The automaker recently revealed a new adaption to the Model S that would allow it to power itself while out in the great outdoors.

The official name is the Model S Roamer RV. Set to debut at the Michigan Energy Office's EV Ride and Drive event. Based on a concept developed by Travis Rabenburg, the main focus of this custom model is the large, pop-up roof with solar panels on top. This section can contain additional supplies, a small bed, water provisions, and other camping gear. The solar panels return as much as 1,000 watts back into the machine, extending vehicle life when not near a charging station. The vehicle also features Knobbier tires and a mew suspension lift system.

By definition, the vehicle is an RV. And as such, Tesla is looking to break the Guinness World Record for fastest motor home on Earth. Rabenburg is already making plans for an attempt, believing the model can achieve 150 mph easily.

The creator has other promotional plans, as well. To show off the vehicle's travelability, they'll be driving the Roamer RV from England to Dubai. At his destination, he'll lead a pack of EVs to the 2020 World Expo.

Expect more info about the Tesla Roamer RV next week at the Michigan Energy Office's EV Ride and Drive event.