I just recently learned that back in the day you could buy a car at Sears. I guess they decided to keep that out of my history books back in high school. The absolutely astonishing, speed-demon Sears Motor Buggy became available back in 1908. Production of the car was stopped 5 years later, seeing as how they only made 3,500 sales in that time period.

The car cost Americans a whopping $395 and gave people the chance to ease their way into the automobile era. Keep in mind, this is the same time that the old Ford Model T came around. The car had 36-inch wheels and could fly over all of the unpaved roads in the good ole' US of A. By the way, when I saw fly, I actually mean it could go 25 miles per hour.

Old Sears ads for the vehicle said that it was so simple to drive, even a child can run it. The only reason I believe that is because it would be moving at the speed of a bicycle. People have gotten the car off of recent auctions, and nobody has been able to hit the full 25 in it. I wouldn't even want to. With the amount of bounce this thing has, going 25 would probably feel equivalent to going 80 or 90.