It isn't always good news that comes out of the Geneva Motor Show. Subaru's U.K. managing director has expressed a disinterest in continued support for manual transmissions.

They explained that the company is putting greater focus towards safety, as well as their Eyesight technology. Eyesight uses stereo cameras to allow for features such as automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. The technology isn't available on manual vehicles, and the director expressed a lack of faith in their compatibility. They believe that continuing to support manual transmissions could undermine the company's efforts towards their safety and Eyesight related goals.

This isn't an official statement by Subaru, however. It was just a statement by an executive of the company's UK branch. It remains entirely possible for manuals to stay on-market for US vehicles. Of course, it'd not include performance vehicles, either. I can't imagine they'd phase out the option from the WRX and STI.

All things considered, it's unlikely that Subaru would drop manual support just yet. Even if they do, it'd not be for a long time coming. Between utility and personal preference, the transmission option remains in-demand.