Too many electric vehicle announcements are the same. It's a consumer car with a sleek design and a good battery. Maybe it has comforts like good infotainment screens or self-driving technology. We've had enough of that. So has Spark Racing Technology. So they made the Extreme E electric racing SUV, the Odyssey 21.

Premiered at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Odyssey 21 is an electric racing SUV built for the Extreme E racing organization. This group is similar to Formula E, but with greater freedoms on what the vehicle can be modified with. This includes custom powertrains, SUV bodies, and so on. They also have a focus on environmental conversation (they are electric vehicles, after all), so all Extreme E events will take place in various areas impacted by climate change, such as the Himalayas, the Amazon, and so on.

Details about the Odyssey 21 weren't revealed, unfortunately. Shame, we'd love to know what exactly the vehicle is capable of. We'll likely know more in 2021, then the Extreme E season starts.