The Bentley Continental GT isn't exactly the poster child of rough and tough. Quite the opposite in fact. And yet one auto enthusiast has converted teh model into a literal tank capable of crushing my own car.

Russian YouTuber AcademeG has built what they call the Ultratank, a modified Bentley Continental GT with a raise tread system instead of wheels.

As far as tanks go, it's more on the mild side. But when compared to the regal charm of the British luxury vehicle, it's outright dramatic. Narrated in Russian, our understanding of what is being said is limited.

The vehicle is not complete, however. Given the nature of car controls, it's struggling to handle sharper turns. Sometimes the treads will slip off. It also doesn't brake correctly, something that really should have been figured out early on, in our opinion.

Regardless of these issues, it still runs. The Ultratank can go about 31 miles per hour currently, with an end goal of 61 mph.

All in all, this is a cool project and the people behind it deserve the recognition.