We're starting to reach the point now where concept cars don't even look like cars. Renault has revealed a new self-driving concept centered around delivery, dubbed the EZ-Pro.

The name is in reference to the French automaker's other self-driving concept car, the EZ-Go. The Pro line isn't just one vehicle, either, but a team of cars. The concept puts its focus on transporting goods instead of people. They describe it as a vehicle for a future where humans and technology work alongside each other.

The EZ-Pro lead car has a cockpit in front for human operation. The idea is for the person to focus on managing their deliveries while the vehicle transports them where they need to go.

Behind the lead car are other EZ-Pros, which lack a cockpit. These store additional goods that can be accessed by the operator on the later part of a delivery route. These vehicles will essentially follow the lead car, like baby ducklings to a mother.

The non-human operated vehicles can work independently as well. Should no human concierge be present, the delivery recipient can open the vehicle with an associated mobile app.

Renault wants to embrace the idea of instant consumer gratification. Folks don't want to wait for their online purchases, Amazon Prime's 2-day shipping is good evidence of that. If you can automate the delivery process, people can have their purchases sooner.