It was sad to see the Dodge Viper leave us last year, when production came to an end. Part of the emotional pain was because we never got the topless variant we had hoped for with the final generation. The first four Vipers all had either a convertible or Targa top, while the fifth remained covered. Until now, that is.

Prefix, a Michigan-based design and engineering firm, has taken the Viper into their own hands and given it back as a Targa top. The company managed to produce 30 examples of the vehicle before supply issues brought things to an end. The securing latches, seals, and weather stripping pieces needed for the conversion have all been discontinued.

If you're not really a fan of Targa tops, then fear not. Prefix also created a soft-top convertible, dubbed the Medusa. The creation process was complicated and limited, but Prefix managed to create factory quality cars in the end.

The conversion starts with removing all of the body and interiors. This way they can ensure nothing is damaged in the process. The factory hard top roof is then replaced with a carbon fiber piece (which customers could customize). The vehicle also received a new headliner, weather seals, and all of the correct latches to have a seamless experience.

No rigidity is lost in the conversion, which means wind noise is almost entirely absent. This makes sense, since the Viper lines were all designed with the intention for convertible variations from the beginning.

The price tag for the Targa conversion rests around $14,000, while the Medusa soft-top convertible sits at $35,000. Too bad the Targa option is no longer available. Not that I could afford a Viper anyway.