You may not be able to get a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in its six-wheel variation anymore. But if you're determined to own a 6x6, this tuner is offering to convert an X-Class pickup for you instead.

They're called Pickup Design. They're the pickup truck division of Carlex Design, a Polish tuner. The company has offered improvements to the Mercedez-Benz X-Class for a while now, but nothing to the scale of adding more wheels to the mix.

They call it the Exy 6x6. Currently in the concept phase, the project doesn't have any solid technical information at this time. Considering they have to stretch the bed and install an extra axle, differential, and suspension, It's no wonder that they may not be sure on specifics yet.

If Pickup Design wants to compete in the surprisingly large market for 6x6 modifications, they may want to include a power boost with the package as well. We're already seeing Hennessey Performance Engineering, Kahn Design and Bruiser Conversions work on their own six-wheeled monsters, and the X-Class could certainly use a boost.