Retro media meets modern automotive at the Petersen Automotive Museum's latest exhibit.

Introducing the Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy exhibit, which displays some of the most famous vehicles from the movie and TV industry. There are over 50 different cars present, including but not limited to the classic Batmobile, Jurrasic Park Jeeps, and the Lexus seen in Black Panther. Many vehicles also have various props, designs, and drawings related to them.

The museum will also feature mixed-reality technology via Microsoft HoloLens, which allows users to see 3D digital renderings placed in the real world in front of them.

Petersen has a history with auto enthusiasm, hosting numerous exhibits and holding countless tours, showcasing obscure and interesting automobiles. They're located in Los Angeles, CA. So if you're nearby, now's a great time to make another visit.