Traffic sucks. Some have no choice but to deal with it while others have been opting for public transport, ridesharing, biking, and other means to reduce the overall road congestion. Now New York is looking to encourage less traffic with a new "Congestion Fee," and Philadelphia is waiting to see how it turns out.

According to a report by local news station NBC10, Philly has no current plans to implement a congestion fee, but they ARE watching New York City to see how well it goes before firmly declining the idea.

The fees in New York City will start sometime in 2021. The current proposal is for a $12 per car fee (with larger trucks costing more), with the profits going toward funding the city's subway system. NYC predicts an approximate 13 percent reduction in traffic and over $1 billion in new revenue.

Traffic analyst company INRIX ranked Philadelphia as the ninth most congested city in the United States, making them a major target in the idea of adding these fees. INRIX also claims that congestion costs each driver $1,568 and the city $3.3 billion through a combination of road repairs, wasted fuel burn, and accidents.

Los Angeles is also interested but has expressed less seriousness at this time.

If NYC and Philly can improve their subway system, then this sounds like a reasonable compromise.