People love a good car action movie. Seeing powerful vehicles take on outlandish roads, tracks, and obstacles is exciting. People also like to see your everyday-joe try and tackle impressive feats. There are few shows more captivating than American Ninja Warrior, after all.

See where I'm going with this?

Netflix has announced a new Netflix Original show called Hyperdrive. The automotive-based program takes run-off-the-mill auto enthusiasts and pits them against the trials of a big, dramatic, and dangerous stunt course.

The industrial complex course, full of structured steel and swinging metal, offers challenges ranging from drifting into targets to operating a massive seesaw.

The show appears to feature a variety of powerful and interesting vehicles as well. In the trailer, we see Ford Mustangs, Lamborghini Huracáns, and Mercedes-AMG GTs. We have a feeling they'll lose some of their pristine nature by the end of the track, though.

We actually heard about Hyperdrive last year when Netflix announced plans to add three more automotive shows to their lineup. They described the show as a "high-stakes tournament series" where a number of drivers compete in a hectic obstacle course. With 10 episodes planned, they intended to air the show in 2019.

The other two shows were Car Masters: Rust to Riches and Fastest Car, Both having released last year.

These efforts seem to be putting pressure on the competition as well. Streaming service Quibi announced their own show not long ago called Elba vs. Block, which has acclaimed actor Idris Elba compete against professional driver Ken Block in a series of automotive challenges. Though it's not like consumers can't enjoy both.

The entirety of Hyperdrive will become available to Netflix subscribers starting on August 21.