When it comes to modding a Hummer, it usually means making it into an off-road monster. It makes sense. But innovation often makes little sense. That's why Mil-Spec Automotive has developed their own Hummer H1, focused for the track.

It begins with a four-door Hummer H1 pickup truck model. It's then dropped a solid 7 inches lower. The in-board brakes are treated to 6 piston calipers, while the wheels sport a set of Pirelli P-Zero tires. Pushing power to those wheels is the DuraMax 6.6-liter V-8 diesel engine, with 800 horsepower and 1,500 pound-feet of torque. This gives the large vehicle a surprising amount of "get up and go," as seen in this Instagram video of the Hummer in action.

This is standard procedure for a Mil-Spec Hummer. But in the previous examples, they were focused on the off-road potential of the model. With improved suspension, new body panels, a luxury interior, and more, the off-roaders offered virtually whatever the customer wanted. That is, if they could afford it.

Unfortunately, wallet size or not, Mil-Spec doesn't plan to replicate this unique build for the public market. It was intended as a showcase of the team's capabilities. If you want another one like it, you'll have to special order one.