McLaren is getting sci-fi once again. The automaker has revealed what they predict will be the common cars of the future. This includes a shape-shifting Formula One vehicle.

According to the McLaren Applied Technologies department, the year 2050 might expect a 300 mph electric race car with morphing aerodynamic components operated by artificial intelligence. The idea was done alongside various engineers, drivers, fans, and race strategists, as they analyzed technology and marketing trends of the current market.

Unsurprisingly, the Formula One racer, dubbed the MCLExtreme, features an electric motor and multiple energy storage options. McLaren believes that aerodynamics will be a major factor in future vehicles, which shows in the vehicle's own design.

What hasn't changed from their vision is the open-wheeled design with rear wheel power.

The sidepods will be able to expand and contract dynamically. This helps the vehicle maximize top speeds in straight lines while retaining control and stability on corners. It features high tech wheels, but little was said about them.

This is all fiction, unfortunately. The automaker has no plans to try and reproduce the MCLExtreme in real life. At least not at this time. Maybe in 2050, they will change their minds.

Personally, I like how the fictional vehicle still had sponsors painted on the body.