Normally when we talk about Lego renditions of hypercars, they're the miniature scale models you can buy in a Wal-Mart toy aisle. But not this time. McLaren has built a 1:1 life-sized scale model of the Senna hypercar entirely out of Lego bricks.

With a reported 2,725 hours to build and 467,854 individual Lego pieces, the model is a true to life replica of the hypercar, inside and out. Take the research and development time into consideration and you're looking at a 4,935-hour project. That's over 205 days. Granted, that was shared between 42 different staff members.


Not everything is Lego, though. Various components, such as the driver seat, steering wheel, pedals, and tires all remain in their original form. The final product weighs in at around 3,348 pounds, a little over 1,000 pounds heavier than an actual Senna. This is a great example of why carbon fiber is so great.

Now that it's been built, the Lego Senna will go on a public tour during the year. The first stop will be at the Goodwood Festival of Speedrunning this July.

If we assume an average price of 10.4 cents per Lego piece, then this project cost $48,656.82 in just supplies. Still cheaper than a real one.