Drifting is one of the most commonly known tricks of motorsports. Probably since it's seen in surplus with high-speed car chase scenes in movies and video games. But real life is harder. So when Matt Field drifts up a mountain in a modified 1,000 HP Corvette, heads turn.

Field usually performs in the Formula Drift series, finishing 7th overall in the most recent season. This made him a fantastic choice to perform the for-fun task of drifting up a mountain. But what is fun without a little flavor? That's why Field did it in a modified, 1,060 horsepower C6 Chevrolet Corvette.

The video itself was recorded and produced by the Heat Wave Visual production team. Much of it was done with drone footage, which is even more impressive when you consider the speed and control necessary to keep up with the car. Running about three and a half minutes long, the video speaks for itself in terms of quality.

It's good to see some people just have fun with a modified car.