Could you imagine someone essentially giving you $2 million? Me neither. That's why it was so surprising for Manny Khoshbin when someone offered him $4.1 million for his brand new Koenigsegg Agera RS.

Khoshbin, an American supercar collector, ordered the vehicle for $2.2 million. The custom construction process, combined with some complications, led to a multi-year wait before he actually got to drive the vehicle. But that drive only lasted a few months until a different collector offered him nearly twice the value he purchased it for.

“He had another Koenigsegg in carbon and gold and this was a perfect match to the other in his collection. I said $5 million, we negotiated and landed at $4.1 million.”

Khoshbin's Agera RS was delayed in 2017 when it was in a collision as part of crash testing. Instead of trying to fix it, Koenigsegg converted it to a demo model and built Khoshbin a new one.

The Agera RS is no joke. With 1,360 horsepower, a top speed of 277.9 mph, loads of carbon fiber, and the genuine gold accents, the original $2.2 million price tag makes sense.

We don't blame him, we'd have done it too.