The Lexus CT compact hatch had its chance and it fell short. Now the automaker is looking to replace it with something a little smaller and more futuristic.

According to Lexus in Europe head Pascal Ruch in an interview with Autocar on Wednesday, the company is working on a replacement to the failed hatcback. But this time it will be a modern minicar.

They haven't said much, leaving auto enthusiasts to speculate on what we'll see. Some estimate a 2021 release date, while others are guessing that it won't release in the United States due to slow sales of such models.

Lexus is already invested in smaller cars, however. We can see this with the LF-SA concept car unveiled years ago at the Geneva International Motor Show. The tiny 2x2 seating vehicle would be one of the smallest crossovers on the market. Which appeals to some folks, I'm sure. It's possible that this concept car will actually become the production model they're talking about, but Ruch could not confirm.

I wouldn't mind a small crossover, especially if it looks like that.