Here's an homage for a generation. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini, the acclaimed supercar company built five tractors.

One of the tractor examples was on display at this year's Geneva Motor Show, along with the nephew of the company founder, Fabio Lamborghini. They come with a Metallo Nudo coat of paint and a 2,193cc inline-three engine.

To support the unique context and powertrain, the tractors come with an elaborate exhaust system. The front "turbine" operates as an air cooling fan, while the six aligned pipes on the side handle both intake and exhaust, in alternating order.

For those who didn't know, before Lamborghini made automobiles, they made tractors. Ferruccio Lamborghini noticed after the war (1947) that the agricultural market in Italy was growing. In response, he took to building tractors from military vehicle parts. Once it proved successful, he formed Lamborghini Trattori. It wasn't until 1963 did Ferruccio start Automobili Lamborghini to compete with companies like Ferrari.

All in all, this is a great tribute to what was an extremely influential man. Just don't ask me the price.