The Lamborghini Huracan is an impressive vehicle. Those lucky enough to own one could partake in the special "launch control mode" while others watched in envy. If the mode didn't have a hard limit installed on it.

Vehicle YouTuber Parker Nirenstein, through his outlet Vehicle Virgins, discovered the problem when it happened to his own Huracan. With only 28,000 miles on the odometer, the dashboard suddenly revealed a number of warning signals. This prompted Nirenstein to bring the car into VF Engineering in Anaheim, California.

The professionals first thought it was a problem with the gas tank sensor, or perhaps the camshaft position sensor had malfunctioned. After further testing, both theories were determined false. The eventually came to the conclusion that the Lamborghini Huracan had exceeded a lifetime limit of launches.

The VF team discovered that the transmission control unit registered the launch control function about 250 times. This doesn't mean it launched that many times, but that it was set into launch control mode that many times. While surprising for a consumer, it's not that out of line for a vehicle YouTube channel to reach that number quickly. While Lamborghini has yet to comment. the VF team and Nirenstein both believe this "limit" to be the source of the car troubles.

"Launching" a vehicle is the act of placing their vehicle in a certain gear, stopping, holding the brake as they accelerate to a certain RPM (about 4,200 RPM for the Huracan) and releasing the brake. This allows the driver to accelerate much faster than had they simply floored the gas pedal. Many supercars will come with launch modes that will intelligently manage the system to allow for a smooth and problem-free launch.