Ken Block has teased a successor to the late Ford Escort RS Group A rally racer, and it's another Escort RS.

The group released a dark photo on their Facebook on Wednesday alongside plans for a world tour in 2019. They intend to take the vehicle across the world to participate in all of the biggest rally events. All we see is the silhouetted outline of a vehicle, but we can tell from the shape that it'll be another Escort RS.

Before this, there was the original Escort RS. Unfortunately, the vehicle was ruined after Block rolled it in a crash. No one was hurt, but the car never recovered from the flaming heap it had become. Block had hinted toward some "key improvements" for the successor model while still retaining the feel of the previous car.

Alas, a dark outline tells us little of the technical specifications for the vehicle. If we base it off of the first vehicle, it will at least have a turbocharged inline-4 engine with around 350 horsepower. It will likely weigh 2,881 pounds or less, as well. Though that will depend mostly on what sort of improvements the successor is receiving.

The world tour will be documented by Hoonigan, which will be posted on YouTube as they go. No dates or locations have been confirmed for the tour as of yet.