What does Jon Olsson do when he isn't skiing professionally? He's modifying cars! Olsson owns his own collection of 800+ horsepower vehicles. He gained some attention with his Rolls-Royce Wraith, now he has a new creation that caught our eyes: an 800-hp Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4.

With the assistance of Absolute Motors, a performance shop in The Netherlands, Olsson transformed the SUV into the estimated 800hp tank it is now.

There isn't an official spec sheet, unfortunately. The unstoppable G500 will have a raised ride height, a winch, a Brabus carbon-fiber snorkel, LED lighting (in the grill as well), and a police siren. While this is certainly a ride fit for the police force, it is distinct enough to stand out from the regulation cruiser. What police department would have the funding for a ride like this anyway?

It's not only about power, it needs to have that polished pizzazz. The G500 has a custom wrap with flat black and gray inserts. The design is similar from the black and white camo of Olsson's previous creation, the Wraith.

Even though it is new and fresh, Olsson drove it how it should be driven. He plowed through leaves, into the mud, and into deep water. He has nicknamed the G500 "Lord Hans the G," after his brother. You can see the beautiful off-road action of the modified Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 in the video above.