Japan has sworn in a new Emperor on Wednesday, Naruhito. And much like we do with the American President, he'll be given an official vehicle. Naruhito is set to receive a unique, open top Toyota Century.

The Century model line has served as the Emperor's official car for over 50 years. Naruhito will be given the latest version, released in 2017. But unlike public models, this one features open-top functionality. It's not clear exactly how the convertible functionality will work. Prince Albert II of Monaco showed off an open-top Lexus LS in 2011 that featured a Landaulet design. But the mechanics are pure speculation at the moment.

Despite the modern model, the Century is less fuel efficient than your average car. The 5.0-liter V8 Hybrid powertrain only offers around 32 mpg under Japanese test cycles. Though had they undergone EPA measurements, it would have fallen around 20 mpg.

It may not be the same amount of punch that the American President vehicle has, with armor plating, escape routes, and other security features. But it's a lovely vehicle, all the same.