It's been 62 years since the last Jaguar D-Type was in production. Now the automaker is bringing the classic car back to finish what they started.

In 1956, Jaguar planned on building 100 D-Types. Unfortunately, the only made 75 of them before ceasing production. In an announcement on Tuesday, Jaguar promises to build 25 more to finally fulfill their original goal.

Jaguar Classic, a division dedicated to vintage vehicles, have gone through tremendous effort to spec out and rebuild the model to authentic accuracy. You couldn't make a more vintage modern car.

Buyers of the 25 recreations will be able to choose between the shortnose model from 1955 or the longnose from 1956. The first D-Type built will debut at the Salon Retromobile show in Paris this week, this particular vehicle will have the 1956 longnose specification.

This is the third time that Jaguar has gone out of their way to finish the intended production of a vehicle. In 2014, they built 6 more Lightweight E-Type models, and 9 more XKSS models just last year. To Jaguar's credit, the XKSS didn't finish production because of a factory fire in 1957.