Jaguar Land Rover may be known for their SUVs, but that doesn't stop them from expanding their horizons. The automaker has invested in an electric motorcycle startup.

Through the investment funds available through their InMotion Ventures program, Land Rover has backed Arc, an electric motorcycle company. This is one of their most recent steps towards electrification becoming the standard, according to InMotion Ventures boss Sebastian Peck.

“Electric vehicles are pivotal for the future of urban mobility, helping people travel through cities quickly and cleanly as possible. We want to make sure that we’re not only changing the way people move but delivering unparalleled outdoor experiences while doing so.”

Arc's first product will be the Vector, announced Tuesday at the 2018 Milan Motorcycle Show. Instead of a traditional frame, it uses a carbon fiber monocoque as the main structure. Carbon fiber is also seen in the swingarm. These changes allow the Vector to weigh up to 25 percent less than a traditional bike.

The Vector has an estimated horsepower of 130, giving it a top speed of around 150 mph and a 0 to 60 time of 2.7 seconds. Combine this with the lightweight and you can achieve as much as 170 miles per fuel-ups.

It'll also feature a unique infotainment system, a rare option for motorcycles. When the driver has the supported HUD-based helmet and haptic feedback jacket, they're provided with vital information about their trip. This includes a rear view and vibration alerts for incoming cars.

With a limited 355 examples planned for production, each Vector will cost $117,000.