There's a reason that everyone wants to be a rockstar. Aside from the general wealth and fame, the perks are fantastic. Take Nick McBrain, for example. The drummer for Iron Maiden will be given a 1984 Jaguar XJ rebuilt in his honor.

Named the Greatest Hits Jag, this Series III XJ was given a lovely coast of purple, with a red interior. The veneers are made from dark gray sycamore, in reference to the wood of Nicko's snare drums. Aside from the snare, this ride is rich in rock and roll revisions. The rotary knobs are machined aluminum, based on amplifier knobs and the gas and brake pedals are designed after kick pedals.

The outside, while less musical, has undergone its own series of changes. The blended front and rear bumpers have been flared to fit custom 18-inch wire wheels sporting 235/45 Pirelli P Zero tires. LED headlights and a custom Alpine touchscreen audio system bring a touch of modern technology to the vintage vehicle.

Like with any rockstar car, it has to be fast. So the traditional 4.2-liter inline-6 engine is directed through three SU carburetors. Expect an amazing sound coming from the custom quad-exhaust setup.

Unveiled at this year's Geneva Auto Show, the vehicle will be given to Nicko for personal use.