Everyone has been so concerned about if we can trust a self-driving car with people inside. But Italian startup Makr Shakr is far more concerned about autonomous vehicle's ability to transport a delicious beverage. They're building a line of robotic, self-driving bars.

Makr Shakr recently revealed a concept for their self-driving bar, named the Guido. Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr, spoke with Digital Trends in a recent report. He wants to maximize the potential of each location with the Guido. Rossetti hopes to work with local municipalities on the vehicle's development. With local research, they could "activate" new parts of a city or town with their mobile bar.

The concept operates primarily through a consumer smartphone. Interested drinkers can order and pay for their drinks through a smartphone app, where a robotic arm will craft if for you.

Until then, Makr Shakr still offers both robotic and mobile bars, just not in the same system. They have robot bars and man-attended porta-bars, right now.

This is only the most recent in a large collection of consumer services interested in autonomy. Grocery chains are also developing their own line of self-driving grocery cars. Users would order their shopping items online, and a special compartment vehicle will deliver the goods to their driveway.

It's not clear how a robotic, self-driving bar would filter out underage drinkers. But I'm sure that's something they are considering before the service launches.