Icon has been making a name for themselves as of late. They've designed a number of bespoke, vintage SUVs. Though they're starting to expand their projects to vintage cars as well. In this case, they've converted a 1949 Mercury into a fully electric vehicle.

The vehicle is part of Icon's Derelict line, a series of vehicles dedicated to preserving long-gone styles with modern underpinnings. They've teamed up with a company called Stealth EV to install electric tech under the hood. Sitting on an Art Morrison chassis and supported by four-wheel independent suspension are two Rinehart Motion Systems controllers, half of a Tesla Model S battery pack, and dual AM Racing electric motors providing rear wheel drive. At first glance, it looks like a V8 engine, though that's just the skilled work of Stealth EV.

The pair of motor controllers are placed to imitate valve covers. They cover the Tesla battery pack. This is a fantastic homage to the classic design and style. Though with the electric motors, it'll be far quieter than the original vehicle, and noticeably more powerful.

Icon released a short video showing what's under the hood on their official Twitter accout. The next time you happen to see a 1949 Mercury pull up next to you, there's a fair chance it could outperform your own car.