Back when electrification was a new idea, sci-fi shows and stories would speak of solar panel-ridden vehicles operating off of the sun. While normally done as satire, Hyundai and Kia are looking to make that a reality come next year.

The two automakers announced Wednesday that they'll begin offering solar panels, some with a transparent design, as early as 2019. The panels will offer an extra charge to the batteries of hybrid and conventional vehicles alike. Though for the combustion type, it'll be used to power ancillaries like seat warmers and air conditioning.

Right now, there are three systems in development. The first is a silicon-based solar roof for hybrids, offering a 30 to 60 percent charge per day. The actual number depends on the level of sunlight, which applies to solar technology in general.

The second design bears a translucent aspect. Intended for conventional vehicles, the less-effective technology will still absorb power from the sunlight without blocking the light.

The third is a more lightweight option, which could be applied to trunks and engine compartment hoods. This would let drivers maximize what space they have available.

No word on pricing or qualifications at this time.