When you want a strong, durable screen protector for your smartphone, there are few products as effective as Corning's Gorilla Glass. They've established themselves as a common name in that industry. And now, they're moving into the automotive world with Gorilla Glass windshields.

Hyperformance Glass Products is working with Corning to produce a line of Ford F-150 windshields using the same glass chemistry as the phone protectors. This will be a hybrid glass casing, with the outer layer being the Gorilla Glass to take advantage of its anti-chipping abilities.

While this is the first time consumers can get just the Gorilla Glass windshield, this isn't the first time Ford has utilized the technology. They used similar glass for their GT supercar due to its reduced weight and increased durability, and not for its anti-chipping aspect. By having the inner layer instead of the outer layer be made from the material, they can reduce weight by up to 32 percent.

A Gorilla Glass windshield will cost about $900, not including installation. While this is above the average cost of a replacement, it'll last a lot longer. If you don't have an F-150, don't worry, Hyperformance Glass Products will be working on varients for Chevy, GMC, and Dodge vehicles as well.

For more information about the windshield, visit the HGP website.