To many, Hot Wheels are a brand of toy cars. But to a lucky few, they're a dream come true. The toy company has traveled the United States looking for the next model, and now they've found it.

The company has been traveling as part of their Hot Wheels Legends Tour, a celebration of the toy cars' 50th anniversary. While out and about, they've also been keeping an eye out for what their next model could be. It had to be custom and cool, everything Hot Wheels stands for.

Last Wednesday, the company decided on Luis Rodriguez and his 2JetZ custom hot rod as the chosen vehicle. Selected by a panel of judges out of 3,600 other vehicles, Rodriguez's car will be made into a 1:64 scale model. This model will release next year as part of a special product line. The 2JetZ will also be inducted into the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends.

The original car was built in memorial of U.S. veterans, imitating the style of a fighter jet, including the center seat. Built entirely from scratch, Rodriguez manages an impressive 600 hp out of the engine.

Congratulations to Rodriguez for the incredible accomplishment.